How ‘Wolfwalkers’ Was Created for Apple TV+

Mebh, a character in Wolfwalkers on Apple TV+.

Cartoon Saloon is the studio behind the “Wolfwalkers” for Apple TV+. It’s their third film exploring Irish folklore and each one used hand-drawn animation (via Observer).

Wolfwalker Animation

Observer spoke with directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart about the idea behind the movie and the techniques they used to create it. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Tomm Moore: “We knew we wanted to speak about polarization. What would it take for the empathy of a hunter or someone who wants to be a hunter to change and see the world from the point of view of the thing they are hunting? That seemed to speak to a need in today’s world for people to see the point-of- view of their so-called enemies, because we’re so polarized.”

Ross Stewart: “We knew he would bring this craft approach to the animation and after quite a few months of developing, Eimhim built an environment in VR and we did a camera pre-vis. Every frame was printed out and hand rendered. We knew that this would be an immersive, glorious experience for Robyn.”

You can find “Wolfwalkers” on Apple TV+ here.

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