If you’re using HyperDecks for internet live streaming video and need slow motion support, LiveSkills has you covered with their new HyperSlow for iOS. HyperSlow is an app that lets you control slow motion video on HyperDeck products from your iPhone or iPad.

HyperSlow for iPad and iPhone controls slow motion internet video playback for HyperDeck

Control slow motion internet video from your iPad with HyperSlow

HyperSlow supports up to four Blackmagic HyperDecks, can tag time stamps for specific events in recordings for playback through multiple decks, can string together multiple slow motion events, exports event lists as Excel spreadsheets, and the SuperPlay function can string together multiple slow motion camera angles.

The app connects to your HyperDecks via Wi-Fi, so there isn’t any need for special adapters or cables. HyperSlow is priced at US$24.99 and requires iOS 9.1 or newer.

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