macOS Image Capture Bug Fills Your Hard Drive With Empty Data

macOS image capture icon

A macOS Image Capture bug was discovered on April 22 that can fill up your hard drive with empty data.

Image Capture Bug

When you connect an iPad or iPhone to your Mac and use Image Capture to transfer photos you took to the Mac, you’ll see an option to convert these images from Apple’s HEIC file format to JPEG. You can do this by unchecking the Keep Originals box.

The images will be converted but it will also add 1.5 MB of empty data to each photo. By “empty” it means that when examined with a hex editor there will be many lines of zeroes added to the end of the file, as shown in the image below.

macOS Image Capture bug showing empty data
Credit: NeoFinder

1.5 MB of empty data adds up quickly, with 1,000 photos generating an extra 1.5 GB of wasted space. The NeoFinder developer team has notified Apple of the Image Capture bug.

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