iOS 15.2 Update Finally Introduces the App Privacy Report

app privacy report

Apple released iOS 15.2 on Monday, and one of the changes you’ll see is App Privacy Report. You can install the update through Settings > General > Software Update.

App Privacy Report

You’ll find this in Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report down at the bottom. App Privacy Report starts gathering information only after you turn it on, so it may take a little time for details to appear. You’ll see more information as you continue using apps on your device. The data in your App Privacy Report is encrypted and stored only on your device.

There are four sections: Data & Sensor Access, App Network Activity, Website Network Activity, and Most Contacted Domains. Data & Sensor Access shows how many times and when an app accessed privacy-sensitive data or device sensors in the past 7 days. This may include details about an app’s access to Location, Photos, Camera, Microphone, Contacts, and more.

App Privacy Report includes information about domains that have been contacted either by apps you’ve used or websites you’ve visited within those apps. This information provides visibility into domains that may be collecting data about you across different apps and websites. Network activity from private browsing sessions in browser apps isn’t included.

  • App Network Activity shows domains that have been contacted either directly or from content within an app in the past 7 days. Domains that have been contacted from content could include things like tapping on an article in a social app’s news feed or playing a video that’s embedded in an app.
  • Website Network Activity shows domains that have been contacted by websites you’ve visited within apps in the past 7 days.
  • Most Contacted Domains lists the web domains most frequently contacted by all your apps, either directly or from in-app web content, in the past 7 days.

You can also turn off App Privacy Report if you don’t wish to see this information.

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