It’ll Cost up to $549 to Fix Your iPhone X Screen Without AppleCare+

iPhone X Makes the Money

If you need to get your brand new iPhone X screen repaired and you don’t have AppleCare+ it’ll cost you up to US$549.

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Don’t break your iPhone X screen because it could cost you $549

Pre-orders for the iPhone X started Friday morning, and Apple updated its iPhone Service Pricing support page shortly after to include the new model. Deliveries and in-store purchases for the new flagship smartphone start next Friday, November 3rd. The need for repairs will start a few minutes later when people accidentally drop their phone.

According to Apple’s iPhone Service Pricing support page, an iPhone X screen repair without AppleCare+ costs $279. If the repairs include damage that goes beyond the screen, you’ll pay $549. With AppleCare, screen repair only costs $29 and screen repair with other damage is priced at $99.

AppleCare+ for the iPhone X costs $199, so if you’re certain you’ll crack your iPhone X screen exactly once you’ll save $51. If you know you’ll need Apple’s warranty service even more, that expensive AppleCare+ plan gets a lot more valuable.

That said, repairing an iPhone X isn’t cheap, so maybe you should invest in good case, too.

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