Kingston Introduces DataTraveler Kyson to Line of High Performance Flash Drives

Kingstone DataTraveler Kyson

Kingston introduces DataTraveler Kyson to their line of high performance flash drives at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! at CES 2021. Leng Chhoeu, PR Coordinator, gave us the scoop on this new product line.

The DataTraveler Kyson is a Type-A USB flash drive with a stylish, capless metal case, so there’s no cap to lose. The drive supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds, with up to 200 MB/s read and 60 MB/s write. A functional loop can be attached to a keyring. Capacities range from 32 GB to 256 GB. 32 GB is US$8.45, 64 GB is US$13.97, 128 GB is US23.73, and 256 GB is US$52.00 from their store.

For those that prefer a USB-C connector, the DataTraveler 80 is an option that offers the same performance of 200 MB/s read and 60 MB/s write, and capacities ranging from 32 GB to 256 GB, but has a different design, and a cap. 32 GB is US$11.99, 64 GB is US$17.99, 128 GB is US$30.99, and 256 GB is $49.99 from their store. 

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Bring hybrid USB-A & USB-C Pendrives!