Origin Wireless Announces Hex Home Wave-Based Security System

Hex Home

Origin Wireless announced Hex Home, a wave-based home security system at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! at CES 2021. Dan Bugos, Product Manager, briefed us on what sets their system apart from other home security systems.

Unlike other home security products that typically use infrared and other motion detection technologies, Hex Home applies advanced signal processing techniques to standard Wi-Fi protocols to derive meaningful ambient insights. This unique technology is protected by more than 30 patents.

Hex Home includes two devices, a Hex Command (a surface-sitting pod) and a Hex Sense (a wall plug-in), to monitor a user’s home using WiFi waves. As people move through these waves, they bounce, break and bend around them. Hex Home then calculates how the waves change and informs users when meaningful motion is detected. With the accompanying Hex app, users can view real-time and historical motion levels in their home, change system modes to manage the siren and customize alerts.

Using one Hex Command and two Hex Senses, users can secure up to 1,500 square feet. Hex Home will be available Summer 2021 starting at $199.99. An optional 24/7 monitoring service will be available for a small monthly fee or users can choose to self-monitor at no additional cost.

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