Apple Adds Support for 3 Video Codecs in Sierra and El Cap

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Apple released Pro Video Formats v2.0.5, an update to the video codecs supported in OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra. The update comes out at the same time as Final Cut Pro X 10.3, which was announced during Apple’s “hello again” media event.

Apple’s patch notes for the update include a list of all codecs already supported in OS X and macOS. At the top of the patch notes, however, are three new codecs, as below.

Patch Notes

What’s New in Pro Video Formats v2.0.5

  • ProRes wrapped in MXF OP1a file container
  • Support for AVC-Intra LT
  • Support for playback of MXF wrapped files in QuickTime Player X on macOS Sierra

The update is a 7MB download from Apple’s support site. As of this writing, the update isn’t yet showing up in the Mac App Store for me, but it’s likely to be a similar-sized update there when it does appear.

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  1. Scott B in DC

    I found it very amusing that whatever software you are using for click-related advertising translates the first instance of “Final Cut” to open Amazon to the Pink Floyd album. While I own and love the album, I expected a link to Apple’s website. Silly me!!

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