Apple Adds Private Click Measurement to In-App Advertising in iOS 15.2

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Apple is bringing Private Click Measurement (PCM) to in-app direct response advertising in iOS 15.2 by way of the SFSafariViewController.

PCM Advertising

Released with iOS 14.5 in February, PCM lets advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads in a private manner. It aims to reduce the amount of granularity that these companies may receive, such as access to users or device IDs.

Instead, it sends attribution reports in Private Browsing without including cookies, and it delays sending the report randomly between 24 and 48 hours. “The net result is a report that says ‘Someone who clicked ad X on website A later converted with value Y on website B.'”

SFSafariViewController is the in-app Safari browser that developers can add to their apps. Apple says “user activity and interaction with SFSafariViewController are not visible to your app which means users can safely browse the web in it and you do not need to secure data between your app and SFSafariViewController.”┬áPreviously, PCM could only work in the actual Safari app.

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