PopSockets Announces New MagSafe Mounts

PopSockets Announces New MagSafe Accessories

Fashion smartphone accessory maker PopSocket is expanding its collection of MagSafe mounts. To provide you with more ways to use your PopSocket MagSafe case, you can now purchase these new accessories for home, office, or in the car.

The PopMount Car Vent for MagSafe

First up is a mount for your car. The PopMount Car Vent for MagSafe allows you to safely and securely mount your MagSafe-compatible iPhone using your air vents. It will work with vertical, horizontal, or angled air vents. The attachment prongs rotate to adjust to either thick or thin air vents.

The mount works with the PopGrip Case for MagSafe or without it. As long as you have an iPhone 12 or 13, for MagSafe support, the PopMount Car Vent will work for you. It also includes a channel to neatly route your iPhone charging cable.

Mount Your iPhone to Any Surface

The second of the new MagSafe accessories PopSockets just announced is useful for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or locker. As far as that goes, the PopMount Surface for MagSafe can find a place anywhere with a flat surface to attach it.

The mount comes with a 3M adhesive pad, allowing you to attach the PopMount to almost any flat surface. Once in place, just line up the mount with your iPhone’s MagSafe magnets. Once again, PopSockets includes a way to route your iPhone charging cable, since the mount doesn’t charge your device.

PopMount MagSafe Mounts Compatibility

PopSockets advertises both mounts as working fine with its MagSafe PopGrips, Standard PopWallet+, and any MagSafe-compatible case. They do not work with the MagSafe PopWallet+ or any non-MagSafe grips.

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