Safari Technology Preview 54 Has Changes to Clipboard API, Beacon API, More

Safari Technology Preview

Apple released Safari Technology Preview 54 Monday. This look-ahead version of Safari includes eight big fixes, improvements, and new features. All told, there are five categories of changes: Clipboard API, Beacon API, Web API, WebRTC, and Web Inspector.

Safari Technology Preview

You can download Safari Technology Preview 54 for macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra from the website.

Patch Notes for Safari Technology Preview 54

Clipboard API

  • Fixed copying a list from Microsoft Word to TinyMCE when mso-list is the first property (r230120)
  • Prioritized file promises over filenames during drag and drop (r230221)

Beacon API

  • Fixed Beacon redirect responses to be CORS validated (r230495)


  • Implemented createImageBitmap(Blob) (r230350)


  • Added a special software encoder mode when a compression session is not using a hardware encoder and VCP is not active (r230451)
  • Added experimental support for MDNS ICE candidates in WebRTC data channel peer-to-peer connections (r230290, r230307)

Web Inspector

  • Fixed the errors glyph to fully change to blue when active (r230372)
  • Tinted all pixels drawn by a shader program when hovering over a tree element in the Canvas Tab (r230127)

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