Satechi and Twelve South Announce New Accessories for MacBook and iPad

Working from home, our desks can become cluttered messes. As we take our MacBooks and iPads with us to meetings and conferences, device protection can be a real worry. Two big players, Satechi and Twelve South, have new accessories for MacBook and iPad. They’ll help organize and protect your gear.

Satechi’s Two New Accessories for MacBook and iPad

First up, a new stand to help keep your desk organized. Satechi’s Dual Vertical Laptop Stand supports two devices at once, giving your MacBook and iPhone or iPad support on your desk.

Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand

Satechi says it’s updated the dock stand to cradle up to two laptops, two tablets, or two smartphones vertically at the same time. Or, mix and match any two. The sleek metal stand has a weight-balancing base to keep everything stable. An internal silicon mat offers a protective grip bed to avoid nicks and scratches.

If you need an HDMI cable to attach to your external display, Satechi also just announced an 8K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable that’s just over 6.5 inches (2m) , perfect for a short and organized cable run.

TwelveSouth Expands Its BookBook Lineup to Newest iPad Models

For years, we’ve been unabashed fans of Twelve South’s products, especially its BookBook cases. These protect your device while also offering a unique appearance that some might not even recognize as a piece of electronics. More than once, someone has looked at my iPhone in its BookBook case and asked if it was an old Bible.

twelve south bookbook for iPad is among some new accessories announced

The BookBook has always been hand-made and one-of-a-kind, offering a hardback leather case with a soft interior. It incorporates a built-in display stand to help you work comfortably anywhere.

The traditional leather case is now available for the 5th-generation iPad Air and 6th-generation iPad mini. Trust and believe, I’ll be adding this to my collection soon.

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