TiVo GameSkip Lets You Skip the Super Bowl to Right to the Commercials and Halftime Show

TiVo GameSkip

TiVo is (cleverly) turning things upside down for Super Bowl LII with introduction of GameSkip. This first-time feature for TiVo DVRs flips the company’s SkipMode—which skips commercials in some shows—on its head. With GameSkip, TiVo users can skip the game and get right to the important bits—Super Bowl commercials and the Halftime Show.

TiVo GameSkip

Firstly, TiVo’s website is oh-so-careful not to mention the Super Bowl by name. I’m not sure why, since the whole point of the event is to submerse us in a marketing bath, but it’s notable in TiVo’s description:

This coming Sunday, February 4, is the day TV fans wait all year for. Sure, the big game’s great and all, but for those who tune in for the multi-million-dollar commercials and the world’s biggest halftime show, we’ve got the perfect solution: TiVo GameSkip. This first-time feature turns SkipMode™ upside-down. After recording the big game, look for the on-screen SKIP icon next to the recording. Then hit play, press the SKIP button1 and your TiVo will jump to the beginning of the next commercial break! Kind of makes you want to give us a high-five, right?

I’ll admit that I love and hate this. I haven’t had time for sports in a long, long time. So, you know, lolfunny. At the same time, there’s a part of me appalled at how commercial advertising has become content in and of itself. It’s perverse, and yet another step towards a cyberpunk future where we’re all slaves to the Corp.

Then again, I enjoy watching, writing, and talking about Apple’s advertising, so my I may need a hand getting up on my high horse on this topic.

And while we’re at it, you can just watch teasers for the commercials on TiVo’s site. So there’s that, too.

Anyhoo…TiVo is giving its customers an interesting choice this year with GameSkip. I’d love to hear if you’d use it, or not, and why.

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