tvOS 11 for Apple TV 4 Ready for Download

tvOS 11 showing new TV app

tvOS 11 for Apple’s fourth generation Apple TV was released on Tuesday. The new operating system for Apple’s set top streaming entertainment box adds AirPlay 2 support, along with a revamped TV app with live sports.

tvOS 11 showing new TV app
Apple releases tvOS 11 for Apple TV 4

AirPlay 2 supports multi-room audio which is a nice addition if you want to stream music to other parts of your home. The upgrade also includes the ability to automatically switch between light and dark interface modes.

Earlier this year Apple said Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV, but requires iOS 11. Amazon is responsible for the app, so it’ll be available whenever the online retailer gets around to releasing it. Translation: just because tvOS 11 is out doesn’t mean that Amazon Prime is available on Apple TV now.

tvOS 11 is a free upgrade. To install it launch the Settings app on your Apple TV, select System, select Software Updates, and then choose Update Software. Once the update finishes downloading select Install Now.

4 thoughts on “tvOS 11 for Apple TV 4 Ready for Download

  • This tvOS 11 is such a mess. I am not a fan of the new layout for our library and its media. It was so much better in the previous version before the upgrade. Its more visual now but has so much lag and I keep seeing the spinning wait icon over and over. The previous OS never had any lag at all. I can’t mark shows or movies watched or unwatched anymore also. I hope that will be fixed but don’t understand how these things get by when there has been betas.

  • Apple reeeallly needs to have a talk with their partners about UI design. If the HBO app was already poop, the new Hulu app is virtually unusable. I’m actually considering downgrading to my old Apple TV and it’s much more blasé and infinitely more navigatable grid. Unless I’m mistaken, don’t the other guys already support 4K? I may just have to investigate. . .

  • #$%^& tvOS 11 prompts you for your TV Provider, I can then select Comcast Xfinity, wooohoo.
    Oh, but no you can’t login and use single sign-on for all my TV provider apps, this feature allow you to share app data with TV Providers (optional).

    Still no Single Sign-on, fricken Comcast Xfinity, huge, heaping pile of dung!!!

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