Western Digital Brings USB-C to G-Drive, Giving Photographers New Choice

Western Digitalannounced a powerful new USB-C model in its G-DRIVE line. G-DRIVE is a popular brand among photographers, and the new drive is perfect for those creatives with the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, which are USB-C only.

G-DRIVE Under The Hood

The new external drive is available in capacities 4TB, 8TB and 10TB. This means that photographers should never run out of space for their photos. As mentioned, it’s a USB-C device, although it ships with a USB-C to USB-A cable adapter for backwards compatibility.


The G-DRIVE USB-C ensures pros can work seamlessly with the latest computers, and with a USB-C port and support for USB Power Delivery, it allows a user’s charging capability to be more efficient without having to worry about connecting yet another cable to their computer for charging.

Additionally, the new G-DRIVE is powerful enough to charge your MacBook and delivers a maximum of 45 watts, perfect for photographers who may need to limit their gear in the field. Pricing is as follows:

  • 4TB: US$199.95
  • 8TB: US$349.95
  • 10TB: US$449.95

Every USB-C G-DRIVE will have a three year warranty and will be available to buy in the US this quarter. Western Digital will eventually make the drives available in other countries through G-Technology resellers.

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