Google’s AutoDraw Turns Your Ugly Scrawls Into Line Art, Here’s How to Use It

AutoDraw turns ugly scrawls into line art

I can’t draw. In the words of the Dothraki, “It is known.” But Google has a new “A.I experiment”* called AutoDraw that can turn even my ugly-ass scrawls into proper line art. Or, more specifically, it will look at my ugly-ass scrawl and suggest actual line art I might have been aiming for.

That, my friends, is pure magic. It is known.

AutoDraw at Work

For instance, here’s my first go. I tried to draw a clock.

Ugly Scrawl of a Clock
Bryan’s ugly-ass scrawl of a clock

And AutoDraw gave me several suggestions, as shown across the top. I tapped the first one, an excellent line art drawing of an alarm clock ringing its line art butt off.

AutoDraw Suggestion of a clock
AutoDraw Suggestion of a clock

You can use different colors, type, use a shape tool, fill, etc. You can download the images, or just take screenshots like I did. It works on one’s Mac with a mouse for particularly bad scrawls, or on iOS devices. It probably works on PCs and Android devices, too, but who cares?

To someone like me who couldn’t draw his way out of a wet paper bag, this is very useful and cool. What do you think?

*Think surveillance capitalism…

3 thoughts on “Google’s AutoDraw Turns Your Ugly Scrawls Into Line Art, Here’s How to Use It

  • It seems to like frogs. My cartoon head was a frog; my whale (actually spouting!) was a frog; my cat (sitting up) was a frog…

    But I can’t draw at all, so the fact that there was any respose was something of a miracle!

  • This is really cool. It also can become a game of pictionary. You try to draw something and laugh at what it thinks you’re drawing. I drew an airplane and it guessed frog.

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