WWDC 2021: The Next Version of macOS is Called… Monterey

macOS Monterey announcement

During the WWDC 2021 keynote, Apple revealed the name of the next iteration of its Mac operating system. It will be called macOS Monterey.

macOS Monterey Unveiled at WWDC 2021

No surprises in iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS – they were named 15, 15, and 8 as expected. Names for the Mac though, require the work of a “crack marketing team,” according to software chief Craig Federighi. They couldn’t take their annual trip (an ongoing joke at Apple events) this year, but the tradition of naming macOS after somewhere in California still stands. macOS Monterey it is! Mr. Federighi did not explicitly lay out whether it was macOS 12 or the next version of 11.

One thought on “WWDC 2021: The Next Version of macOS is Called… Monterey

  • Charlotte:
    The decision to name macOS versions after locations in California was a good one. 
    Having personally been to most of these places, thus far, except for El Capitan and Catalina, I can attest that they are all breathtakingly beautiful. Monterey is no exception. (It would be interesting to see if the California tourism industry has benefited from this nomenclature.) I’m wondering if they’ll eventually do a nod to the great redwoods north of the Bay Area towards Humboldt. Gorgeous.

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