Proton’s Privacy-Focused Mac Mail App Might Make You Ditch Apple Mail

The Apple Mail app on macOS already offers some pretty good privacy features like hiding your IP address when you send a message, but the folks at Proton might now be doing things even better. Indeed, Proton today announced the launch of a Windows and Mac desktop mail client, building on its existing web application.

Now that Proton Mail has its macOS client, you’ll no longer have to use a web browser like Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge and risk your privacy being compromised when using their service. The new client offers what Proton calls a “fast, focused email experience,” and should feel pretty familiar if you’re already using the Apple Mail app on macOS. There’s support for a light and dark theme, support for native notifications, and the option to switch between mail and calendar. To switch over from whatever mail client or service you’re using, an easy switch tool is available.

On the privacy side of things, the Proton Mail macOS client offers many privacy features, some of which you don’t get in Apple’s Mail app. There’s zero-access encryption, end-to-end encryption, protection against trackers and phishing, and the Proton Sentinel account protection. There’s even a Security Center, that lets you easily create hide-my-email aliases to protect your identity, though this feature is available on Apple Mail.

The Proton Mail desktop app is available for download for free with free mail plans, but only for 14 days. Once the 14 days are up, you’ll have to pay for a plan, for as little as $4 per month for a Mail Plus plan to continue access.

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