Review: Enhance Your iPad With Satechi’s Foldable Stand

Satechi foldable iPad stand

Satechi released a foldable, aluminum iPad stand in January. As I understand it, it’s supposed to be redesign of the stand it launched in December. That one was available exclusively through Apple, but this newer stand can be found on for US$44.99.

Foldable iPad Stand

As someone who uses their iPad frequently it was great to get a proper stand, as opposed to the cardboard box I was using. This stand is great to look at and really feels like a premium product. It’s made out of space gray aluminum with rubber on the bottom and the front part so it won’t slide around on your desk.

It comes in at 5.75 x 9.625 x 1.75 inches and weighs 1 lb 10 oz. There are a couple of hinges to adjust the stand to your liking, and it folds nearly flat for optimal storage. It’s a simple, well-made product and I would be hard pressed to find something wrong with it (I kept the directions just in case, unlike last time). There is a space in the arm you can use to hold your power cable.

Satechi foldable iPad stand

There are two hinges so two things can be adjusted: The arm and the mount where you can put an iPad or iPhone. Two different folding configurations come to mind: Upright for desktop mode and flat for drawing mode.

As the product description says, it “easily creates the perfect desktop setup wherever you are, whether it’s taking a FaceTime group call or sketching out your latest idea on your iPad.” It also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

The hinges are firm and take a bit of force to adjust, helping to ensure that your iPad isn’t going anywhere while you’re using it. Because of the open nature of the mount you can place your iPad in portrait and landscape mode.

In total I think it’s a great product and its minimalist design perfectly blends with your iPad. You can’t go wrong with the US$45 price tag, either.

Satechi foldable iPad stand

2 thoughts on “Review: Enhance Your iPad With Satechi’s Foldable Stand

  • Andrew:

    The Satechi foldable iPad stand is getting lots of buzz around the internet. Despite my admiration for it, and impulse to go ahead and purchase it for its stowable/portable configuration, I actually already have a similar stand that I have yet to use. I so prefer typing on my Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro over any other, including my Logitech MX Keys that I use for my MBP, and my other Apple Magic Keyboard (Bluetooth), that I have yet to use my iPad in the stand while working. 

    Perhaps this will be the stand that gets me to pry my hands from this iPad keyboard.

    I like your setup, BTW, especially poor Yorick on the desktop.

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