Review: Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charger

The BaseLynx Modular Charging System by Scosche is perfect for those of us with multiple Apple devices, as it lets you charge all of them at once.

Scosche BaseLynx Charger

This charging system is modular, which means you can plug multiple charging pads together, all powered by an AC power cable. The chargers are Qi-certified for wireless charging. The basic kit includes a charging stand with three slots, a wireless charging pad, and an Apple Watch charging pad. The Apple Watch pad has a magnetic charger that flips up so you can see the display while it charges. The charging pads are covered in twill which gives them a nice texture. All the other components are plastic.

Image of scosche modular charger

The charging stand, called the Vert Charging Station, features three slots you can put devices in. They aren’t tall so you may not want to put bigger devices on it, like an iPad 1.29-inch. But they’re great for a Nintendo Switch, smartphone, or an iPad Pro 11-inch.

The station has three charging ports: an 18W USB-C Power Delivery port and two 12W USB-A ports. The kit comes with three one-foot braided cables in three configurations: one USB-C to USB-C, one USB-C to Lightning, and one USB-A to Lightning. Power Delivery can fast charge an iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

I like that the Vert Station has USB ports. Currently, the only device I have that can charge wirelessly is my AirPods Pro. But I can still place my iPhone 7 Plus into a slot and charge it with the cable.

I like the system because it cuts down on cables. Everything charges with a single AC cord into an electrical outlet. So how many modules can be charged with one cord? Each module has a point rating:

  • Apple Watch Pad: 1 point
  • Wireless Charging Pad: 3 points
  • Powered EndCap: 3 points
  • Vert Charging Station: 5 points

Image of scosche modular charger with devices

One AC power cable can handle 15 points, so as long as you’re at 15 points or less you won’t need another cable. If you go over that you’ll have to add another Powered EndCap or module. Each module comes with a 5-foot AC cord (except the EndCap). The modules can be swapped into any configuration you want.

Overall I’m pleased with the charging system. It’s a great way to reduce cable clutter and I like the modular aspect of it. So where can you pick one up?

On the Scosche website you can buy individual modules. It’s a bit pricey, and to me that’s probably the biggest drawback, especially if you’re buying multiple modules at a time.

You can get a charging pad and Vert Station for US$99.98. A charging pad and Apple Watch pad are available for US$119.98. A charging pad and Powered EndCap costs US$89.98. On the company’s website they’re only available in black.

However, you can find a white version in Apple’s online store. This version seems like a better deal to me, because it comes with a charging pad, Apple Watch pad, and the Vert Station for US$149.95. This is also the version that Scosche sent me.

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