Robocall Apps Could Be Sharing Your Data

Robocall apps like Hiya, Truecaller, and TrapCall were caught sending your data to data analytics companies (via TechCrunch).

Robocall Apps

Dan Hastings, security consultant for security firm NCC Group, tested robocall apps TrapCall, Truecaller, and Hiya. It sounds like he tested others as well, but they remain unnamed. He also criticized Apple, saying apps like these don’t appear to be monitored.

One app, TrapCall, sent users’ phone numbers to a third-party analytics firm, AppsFlyer, without telling users — neither in the app nor in the privacy policy.

He also found Truecaller and Hiya uploaded device data — device type, model and software version, among other things — before a user could accept their privacy policies. Those apps, said Hastings, violate Apple’s app guidelines on data use and sharing, which mandate that app makers first obtain permission before using or sending data to third-parties.

For roughly two years I’ve been using a robocall app called Nomorobo. I check the privacy policy of every app I download, and their policy says:

  • We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.
  • We do not include or offer third-party products or services on our website.
  • We do not allow third-party behavioral tracking.

Hopefully I don’t find out later they’ve been sending data all along.

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