Cloud Provider ‘Scaleway’ Launches Apple M1 SaaS in Europe

Mac mini

Cloud provider Scaleway announced the launch of a software-as-a-service offering based on Apple’s M1 chip. It means you can access macOS Big Sur in the cloud at €0.10 per hour running on Mac mini’s.

Big Sur in the Cloud

Scaleway has built a Mac Mini M1 data farm located in its DC4 data center. It’s inside a former nuclear fallout shelter 25 meters underground in Paris, France. Each Mac mini comes preinstalled with the latest version of macOS Big Sur 11.2 as well as Xcode 12.4. Yann Lechelle, CEO of Scaleway:

By introducing Apple silicon M1 as-a-Service running on the latest Mac mini M1, we at Scaleway are thrilled to offer a fully native Apple Big Sur experience running remotely, at a low cost of €0.10 per hour with a minimum commitment of 24 hours. This is the perfect setup to tackle increasingly complex macOS or iOS continuous integration and delivery for distributed development teams.

Scaleway says the process of creating an account to start using an M1 Mac mini in the cloud takes less than five minutes.

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