September iPhone Event Unlikely to be in Person

Tim Cook at Time Flies event

Most Apple-watchers expect there to be the usual major event in September announcing the latest iPhone. However, according to Bloomberg News, it may be yet another show without an audience.

A Hybrid Approach to Apple Events

Apple wanted staff back in the office in September. However, amid a rise in Covid cases (not to mention staff backlash,) that has been delayed by at least a month. Furthermore, head of retail + people Deirdre O’Brien has also promised a month’s notice before any return. It seems implausible than that we will have a packed Steve Jobs Theatre cheering a new iPhone and a return to business as usual, as Apple no doubt had hoped for. I wonder if the company will try and take a hybrid approach to the event – have some presenters live on stage in front of a reduced, vaccinated, audience, and also use the slick, pre-recorded segments we’ve got used to over the last 18-months.

It is also expected that the emphasis will be once again on online sales for the new iPhone and other new hardware, so no queues outside Apple Stores. (Is that still a thing?)

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