Snapchat Finds a Workaround for iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency

A report says that Snap Inc has developed a workaround for iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency feature, in an attempt to track people anyway (Financial Times via 9To5Mac).

Tracking by Snap

Snap has been experimenting with a type of tracking called probability matching. It’s a workaround designed to track people whether they want it or not:

Snap wanted to gather data from companies that analyze whether people have responded to ad campaigns, including aggregated IP addresses, the labels that identify devices connected to the internet.

It hoped it could take that data and cross-reference it against the information it holds on its own users to identify and track them, in a technique known as “probabilistic matching,” according to several people familiar with its plans.

Snap claims it will stop these experiments once App Tracking Transparency is officially released with iOS 14.5 in the near future. But it continues to work on “privacy-centric solutions” to monetize its users.

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