How Many Songs Are Available on the Top Streaming Music Services?

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Every streaming music service what you to think they’re the best and send your subscription dollars their way. Since variety is a big part of which service makes listeners happy we looked into how many songs each offers.

Streaming music services song library size

The services we checked include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Google Play, and Pandora. The numbers for Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and Google Play all come directly from the companies. For Spotify and Pandora, the numbers come from industry resources.

Streaming Music Service Library Sizes:

  • Apple Music – 45 million tracks
  • Spotify – 35 million tracks
  • Amazon Prime Music – 16 million tracks
  • Google Play – 40 million tracks
  • Pandora – 30 million tracks
  • Tidal – 50 million tracks

Amazon’s song total is for the company’s paid add-on service. The song library available for standard Prime subscriptions is 2 million. Amazon tells us they have “tens of millions” of songs available on Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Based on available numbers as of June 2018, Tidal has the most available tracks, followed by Apple Music. Amazon Prime Music comes in last with substantially fewer tracks than the other streaming music services.

2 thoughts on “How Many Songs Are Available on the Top Streaming Music Services?

  • Granted, I am a music enthusiast supreme, but there is still plenty in my personal collection that is not available to stream on any service. Though I absolutely love Apple Music, I see streaming as being pretty much the radio of modern times. Most will not dig beyond curation. C’est la vie, I guess.

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