Back Up Your Files With Twelve South’s StayGo Mini USB-C Hub

Twelve South StayGo Mini USB-C Hub

Twelve South’s new StayGo mini USB-C Hub is a tiny accessory for your iPad and Mac that delivers four extra ports for your device. It’s available for US$59.99.

StayGo Mini USB-C Hub

StayGo mini snaps onto your iPad, giving you four neatly arranged extra ports for must-have accessories, like studio headphones, your favorite display and USB drives. This hub works with protective cases by using the included USB-C cable.

  • USB-C hub connects peripherals to your iPad or MacBook
  • Four ports: USB-A, HDMI, headphone/audio out and USB-C power
  • Pass-through power to charge or power accessories
  • Connects directly to iPad or below with the included cable


  • Length: 72 mm (2.8-inches)
  • Width: 32 mm (1.25-inches)
  • Width, including USB-C: 38mm (1.49-inches)
  • Height: 8 mm (0.3-inches)

The aluminum outer shell helps dissipate heat and the USB 2.0 port is fully backwards compatible.

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