T-Mobile. Launches 5G Home Internet for $60 per Month

T-Mobile 5G home internet

T-Mobile announced on Wednesday the launch of its 5G Home Internet service. It will provide customers with unlimited high-speed internet for US$60/month (with autopay).

5G Home Internet

The carrier says over 30 million households are eligible for the service, and the website has a tool to check service availability in your location.

  • US$60/month, with AutoPay. No equipment fees or contracts.
  • Expected average speeds of 100 Mbps for most customers
  • Easy to setup. Plug it in, download the app and follow a few simple instructions.

T-Mobile Senior Vice President Edwige Robinson:

One of our most important goals is to ensure that small town America is not left behind during the transition to 5G. This is why 5G for All will span across the country — small towns as well as big cities, rural communities as well as the suburbs.

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