This Developer is Letting Users Build the iPhone of Their Dreams


A website now allows users to build their dream iPhone. With the release of the iPhone 14 now weeks away, many are no doubt looking forward to the new upgrades arriving with the device. However, one designer is allowing users to have things their way.

Creative developer Neal Agarwal has created a website that lets users build their dream iPhone. The website allows users to add a plethora of options to their iPhone, including some rather cheeky options.

Creative Developer Agarwal Allows Users to Build Their Dream iPhone

Checking out Aragwal’s website for the first time starts you with a rather blank iPhone canvas. Looking essentially like an iPhone 13 Pro, the device comes with nothing attached. No camera, no ports, no buttons. It’s up the user to add whatever aspects they see fit (although, you still can’t make the iPhone USB-C. . .).

Want an iPhone with ten Headphone Jacks? You got it! What about a Click Wheel and Pro Handle, for when you need to carry your iPhone and be retro? Done and done. With several realistic options, such as Pro Camera, Dual Camera, Apple logo, Notch, Single Camera etc, the choices also include some rather silly options.

“Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that. It’s making things better.” – Tim Cook

In addition to crafting your dream iPhone, you can also customize the colors of the device and the peripherals. Finally the orange iPhone everyone has always wanted can be yours to create.

When users are finished creating the iPhone of their dreams, they can create a short video presenting their new device to the world. With the ability to download the video, the phone swirls underneath a customizable banner, and CEO Tim Cook even makes sure to tell viewers, “this isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a breakthrough!”

Of course, the real iPhone 14 will likely see a launch Sept. 7. Today, Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 14 will see an announcement Sept. 7 at 10:00 a.m. pt. Along with the new iPhone, folks are also hoping that the Apple Watch Series 8 will see an announcement during this event.

For this year’s event, Apple is going with a “far out” theme, so it will be interesting to see what this will entail. However, until Sept. 7, there’s plenty of time to create your own iPhone while you wait.

Are you looking forward to the release of the iPhone 14? How would you build your dream phone? Let us know in the comments and share your creations with us on Twitter.

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