Tim Cook said Thursday that “we stand with those who refuse to accept the status quo.” The Apple CEO was backing the basketball players who refused to take the court this week in protest at the shooting of Jacob Blake by police officers.

Tim Cook: ‘We Must do Better’

Mr. Cook, a huge sports fan himself, tweeted his solidarity with “the WNBA, NBA and all of those who will not tolerate another Jacob Blake. Another Emmet till.”

This is not the first time Apple or Mr. Cook have spoken out or joined protests against racial injustice. For instance, in June, Music and Beats 1 marked blackout Tuesday in support of Black Lives Matter. In a further tweet, the Apple CEO also marked the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech.


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Jacob Blake was a habitual criminal…pathetic Tim.

Last edited 22 days ago by Hammer

@Hammer:   Here, here! What kind of corporate values does Tim Cook think he’s upholding by standing with those so-called athletes for protesting the killing of people who look like them and their loved ones? Don’t they get paid? What more do they want? Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness? Equal treatment before the law? Representation for their taxation? Not to be tread upon by the implements of state power? Do they think that these are inalienable rights extended to everybody? Those guys should at least champion someone with a spotless character, wouldn’t you say? What’s next, Apple to be… Read more »


He’s so two-faced.

John Kheit

Says the guy that put all his production eggs in one communist basket…a prison slave exploiting communist basket at that.


@JohnK:   You’re so right. Certainly no one here at TMO would ever stoop so low as to allow themselves to benefit from an economy born on the back of slavery, certainly not without rooting out those ramifying gains that accrued from that awful institution or at least having made reparations to those slaves or their descendants; nor would we deign to live in a prosperous city built upon land effectively stolen from the indigenous Lenape for the equivalent of $24, a people who were subsequently forcefully driven from those lands. No sir, no benefit from brutal exploitation here.   … Read more »