Tim Cook Makes Charitable Donation of $2 Million Worth of Apple Stock

Tim Cook donated 6,880 Apple shares to an undisclosed charity, his most recent SEC filing showed. The shares are valued at around $2 million.

Tim Cook’s Charitable Donation

The date of earliest transaction was given as December 27, 2019. On that day, Apple stock closed at $289.80 per share. Consequently, Mr. Cook’s donation was valued at $1.99 million. At market close yesterday, the stock was at an all-time high of $300.35 per share. That made the donation worth $2.07 million. Mr. Cook’s filing did not declare which charity received the donation, nor did he make that information public.

Mr. Cook makes regular donations to charitable causes. For instance, he made a donation of Apple stock worth $5 million in August 2019. Again, the recipient of the donation remained unknown. Under his leadership, Apple has begun contributing to charity more too. The firm recently pledged to donate to relief efforts for both the Amazon and Australian wildfires.

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