macOS maintains a listing of all software updates. That list contains a list of all applied security updates. Here’s how to display those entries.

There are two ways to see the entire list of macOS software updates.

  1. Apple Menu > About This Mac > Overview > System Report > Software > Installations
  2. /Applications/Utilities/System; Software > Installations

Either way, you’ll end up on in a window that looks like this:

Previous macOS security updates

Previous macOS security updates

The default is alphabetical order by Software Name. Scroll down until you see “Security Updates.” Now you can peruse the YYYY-NNN codes and compare to what Apple has published.

As an aside, the listing above reveals that Apple forgot to append the “2019-002” label to the latest Mojave security update. Or so it seems.

Of course, there are a lot of other software installation entries in this list. That can be useful as well for the technically curious.

In fact every entry in the sidebar reveals a wealth of information about your Mac. It’s worth sifting through on some snowy Sunday afternoon.

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My version of Catalina DOES NOT show any Security Updates. Caramba !