Tim Cook Charity Auction with Lunch at Apple Park, Price Quickly Jumps to $65,000

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is once again auctioning off a lunch date for charity, but this time that lunch will take place at Apple Park. While the auction closes on May 16th, 2017, it quickly jumped to $65,000 with six bids from four different rich bidders.

Tim Cook, from Charitybuzz Auction
Promo pic from Tim Cook charity auction by Charitybuzz

Tim Cook Charity Auction

Mr. Cook has offered a coffee or lunch meeting for auction through Charitybuzz every year since 2013. That first event went for $610,000. Subsequent years have brought in between $200,000 and $515,000, with proceeds benefitting the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights.

CharityBuzz is estimating the value of this auction at $100,000, but that’s a sandbagged number. Mr. Cook remains one of the most respected business leaders on the planet. The winning bidder can bring one additional person, and the “experience will be approximately 1 hour.”

Interestingly, Apple Park itself figures heavily in the auction listing. Apple’s destination-architecture headquarters is set to open in the coming weeks, and it’s mentioned three times in—and in the title of—the auction. It also earned a full paragraph of description, though whether that’s at Mr. Cook’s request/requirement or because Charitybuzz considers it a draw is an unknown.

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