Tim Cook Meets with Apple Military Veterans

Tim Cook meets Apple veterans

LONDON – With people around the world preparing to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, Apple CEO Tim Cook took some time to meet with some of the veterans that work at Apple.

Tim Cook meets Apple veterans
Tim Cook with veterans who work for Apple

In the run-up to Veterans Day in the US and Armistice Day on Sunday here in the UK, Mr Cook spent part of Thursday morning with a group of Apple employees who had served in the US military.


While not a huge amount about the meeting has been revealed publicly,  Mr Cook tweeted that he was “honored” to have been  “with some of the Apple employees how have bravely served our country.” He thanked them for their service “today, tomorrow and always.”

Discounts for veterans

For those serving or who have served, Apple offers discounts on their products. In the UK, it offers reduced prices on a variety of products. In the US there is the Apple Military Discount program.

One thought on “Tim Cook Meets with Apple Military Veterans

  • I wonder if Mr. Cook has visited the 1.5-2 million serfs that work for him in China for $700 a month – or less than the phones they make A PIECE that gouge the western clones that buy them?? Maybe he visited the families of the people that killed themselves directly because of Apple’s working conditions?? With all that slave labor and tax dodging you’d think the great Apple Phone Co. could peel off a lousy 2 billion of their TRILLION that they are hoarding (and actually buying back stock to line their retirement with) to DOUBLE the wages of ALL Chinese iPhone builders. Alas, nope. Apple became the Soft drink Co. Jobs railed about. Enjoy your Kool Aid kids.

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