Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Criticizes Apple Ads in Settings

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted about certain advertisements that appear under a user’s name in iOS | iPadOS settings. Apple’s competitors don’t have access to this type of built-in advertising.

Ads in Settings

The banner ads are different for each user and it depends on which Apple services they subscribe—or don’t subscribe—to. For example, the photo in the tweet shows an offer to get Apple Music free for six months.

In the tweet: “New from the guys who banned Fortnite: settings-screen ads for their own music service, which come before the actual settings, and which aren’t available to other advertisers like Spotify or Sound Cloud.”

Developers can purchase ad slots within the App Store or display ads in their own apps, but they can’t display them in the OS itself, such as in Settings. iPhone users can sleep well at night knowing developers can’t do this, but the argument is if this puts Apple’s competitors at a disadvantage.

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