Twitter Finally Adds Alternative Two-Factor Authentication Methods

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Twitter announced that users can finally use other two-factor authentication methods besides SMS. SMS-based authentication isn’t secure as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discovered after his account was hacked.

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Including SMS there are now three authentication methods to use:

  • SMS: A code will be texted to you.
  • Mobile Security App: An authentication app like Authy or 1Password.
  • Security Key: A physical OTP device you can plug in to approve login attempts.

In the past Twitter users could add the other two methods, but only if they set up SMS first. Now that more two-factor authentication methods are available you can now delete your phone number associated with your account.

So far it doesn’t seem like you can change the method in the mobile app, so you’ll have to use the website. Go to Settings & Privacy > Account > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

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