Twitter Blue on iOS Relaunches on Monday for $11 Monthly

twitter logo. Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Contrary to earlier rumors, Twitter did not relaunch its Blue Subscription on Friday. However, Twitter announced over the weekend that the Blue Subscription will relaunch on Monday. The subscription on iOS will cost $11, while only $8 to subscribe on the web.

Twitter Blue on iOS Relaunches With Higher Fees

In a series of tweets this weekend, Twitter officially announced the relaunch of Twitter Blue on Monday. However, the new subscription fee remains at the earlier rumored $8 monthly. On the other hand, Twitter Blue subscription on iOS will be $3 higher. Twitter explained that the higher subscription fee for iOS users is the company’s way of offsetting App Store fees. For those who are subscribing to Twitter Blue on iOS devices, the App Store’s in-app payment system will collect the fees. In a way, users will be a bit safer since they don’t have to share their payment information with Twitter on the web.

Subscribers Will Enjoy Premium Features

In addition to the new subscription fees, Twitter also said that users will enjoy subscriber-only features. One of these features is the blue checkmarks that would appear on the user’s profile after Twitter has done its review of the account. Twitter Blue subscribers who change their Twitter handle, display name, or profile photo will lose┬áthe blue checkmark temporarily. It will show up again once Twitter has reviewed the account.

Twitter also said that “official” labels will be changed to gold checkmarks for business accounts, and gray checkmarks for government and multilateral accounts.

Also this weekend, Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter plans to increase the character limit of tweets. From the current 280 characters, Musk said it might soon increase to 4,000 characters. What Musk did not specify however is whether longer tweets will be changed for all users or only for Twitter Blue subscribers.

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