[Updated] UK Regulator Taking Closer Look at Apple and Google

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LONDON – UK regulator the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a market study into both Apple and Google on Thursday. It is investigating whether the firms wield such market power that it is detrimental to users and other businesses.

UK Regulator Investigating Apple and Google

The CMA said that it is investigating whether iOS and Android, the App Store and Play Store, and Safari and Chrome are effectively duopolies in their respective fields. There is also concern about the extent to which these products control others – everything from TV and video streaming and fitness tracking to control of hardware products like smart speakers and watches. The CMA said that the companies’  position could be stifling innovation across digital markets. It also queried whether consumers are paying higher prices for devices, apps, and other goods and services due to higher advertising prices.

Companies ‘Control the Major Gateways’

Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA said:

Apple and Google control the major gateways through which people download apps or browse the web on their mobiles – whether they want to shop, play games, stream music or watch TV. We’re looking into whether this could be creating problems for consumers and the businesses that want to reach people through their phones.

[Update] The Mac Observer reached out to Apple in the UK. The company declined to comment.

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