V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Headphones Sweat the Details

V-Moda Crossfade Lp2 headphones.
V-Moda Crossfade LP2
Handsome, comfortable and rugged.


I’ve been using these headphones now for three weeks for team meetings, music and podcasting via Skype. I can report that they fit comfortably, do not overheat my ears and sound great. Particularly impressive, compared to my previous headphones, is the bass. That bass creates a real sense of locality when I chat with others. This is probably due to the dual diaphragm design. Here’s V-Moda’s description: “Refined 50 mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver: Inner and outer rings separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs.”

I liked the attention to detail in many areas. The headphones are held together in all key fittings with small but visible screws. A screwdriver and extra screws are included. Next, the many accessories included make for a complete user experience. You won’t need to shop for any extras. Finally, there’s a 16 page user manual. It’s small and hard to read as white text on black. To remedy that, however, on page one is a link to the printable PDF at the V-Moda website. I love it when a developer sweats every little detail like that.

Speaking of details, I was also impressed by the wealth of technical information supplied on the product page. Some companies like to move you with compelling boasts. but when it comes to audio, surfacing technical specs for the professional is the only way to go.

As I said above, I am not a purist audiophile. I can detect varying quality of sound, and these are the best headphones I’ve ever used. But I recognize that, like binoculars, multiple levels of ascending cost lead to ascending quality in many small ways. Perhaps the best way to put this is that if you’re tired of your $20 headphones, have requirements similar to mine, and want to take a significant step up, these Crossfade LP2s are a good candidate. I noted that V-Moda cites over 30 Editors’ Choice awards.

Final Note

The goal here has been to relate my specific needs, how a recommendation was made to me, my user experience and the overall perception of mechanical and audio quality at a specific, fairly modest price point. Considering the build quality, features, accessories, audio quality and price, I give the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 my highest recommendation.

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