VSCO Introduces New Video Tools and Kodachrome-Inspired Preset

VSCO launched new tools for its photo/video editing app on Tuesday, with a new Kodachrome-inspired preset and options to edit videos with speed and reverse.

The Mac Observer has several resources on VSCO, like an introduction to the app, a review of the VSCO X subscription, and a list of all the presets and how to use them.


Launched by Kodak in 1935, Kodachrome was a popular film for color photography, especially for images used in print media. Famous photos that used the film include “Afghan Girl” from Steve McCurry and in Edmund Hillary’s photos as he climbed Mount Everest. Its manufacturing was discontinued in 2009 but VSCO has created a mimicking preset to honor its legacy.

The designation used for the preset in VSCO is KC25, and as usual the company has some tips to get the most out of it. In sunshine, tap the preset then try decreasing the Character slider to add depth to blue skies. For overcast photos, increasing the Character will decrease contrast, brighten shadows, and add warmth to the color. Finally, for portraits you can experiment with the Warmth and Character sliders to affect the subject’s skin tone.

VSCO Kodachrome example
An example image of the Kodachrome preset

Speed and Reverse for Editing Video

The second half of VSCO’s announcement involves video editing. New tools let members add effects to videos like slow motion, time lapse, reverse, and reverse loops. These effects can also be applied in real time when you use the app’s built-in camera.

As a surprise, VSCO teased a new feature coming in the future: Adding text to photos and videos.

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