Facebook and Microsoft Take App Store Grievances to EU

EU Justice

Recent grievances against Apple from Facebook and Microsoft could feed into an EU antitrust investigation into the App Store (via Reuters). “The Commission is aware of these concerns regarding Apple’s App Store rules,” said Commission spokeswoman Arianna Podesta in a statement on Monday. However, she did not divulge any further details.

EU Investigating App Store Rules

In June, European Comissions, the bloc’s executive body, launched multiple probes into Apple, mostly focussing on the App Store, with the in-app purchasing system a particular concern. Facebook and Microsoft have joined a host of smaller names in raising these objections. Apple has repeatedly denied claims of anticompetitive behavior, citing the success of the App Store for developers.

2 thoughts on “Facebook and Microsoft Take App Store Grievances to EU

  • I wonder if Apple will end up having two classes of Apps.
    Walled Garden Apps that are tested and vetted.
    Open apps that are not.
    If you load an open app and your device has a problem, the only recourse there will be to nuke and pave. Apple would also not be liable for any damage to your system, data, or anything. Most warranties would be void.
    So you want to load Facebook or WeChat, go ahead, but if you do you are on your own.

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