W3C, Yubico Offer Web Authentication Course for Developers

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Yubico, along with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are partnering to create an Introduction to Web Authentication course for developers. It’s designed to teach learners how to replace password-based authentication with other methods.

Introduction to Web Authentication

The three week course, which starts on November 30, introduces developers to the principles of Web Authentication, from the development of the Application Programming Interface (API), to the terminology and the technical know-how. The heart of the course teaches students how to build and deploy their own Web Authentication server.

W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe:

WebAuthn will change the way people access resources on the web. With multi-factor solutions that eliminate a weak link, Web services and businesses adopt WebAuthn to move beyond vulnerable passwords and improve the security of online experiences. I am looking forward to more web developers becoming experts thanks to this course and implementing the web-wide interoperability guidance of the standard.

The goal of this API is to prevent phishing attacks by using credentials based on public keys, a secure logging method that uses SSH.

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