WhatsApp on CarPlay: The First Third Party Messaging App

WhatsApp is coming to CarPlay, and it’s the first third-party messaging app coming to the auto platform. CarPlay brings essential iPhone functions to your car, like phone calls, messaging, music, and Siri. WhatsApp on CarPlay rolls out soon.

CarPlay Messaging

WhatsApp on CarPlay is a bit limited. You can’t browse a list of your conversations. But you can send new messages using voice dictation. WhatsApp notifications also show up in the CarPlay UI, and you can listen to them and respond.

Image of CarPlay in a car. WhatsApp on CarPlay will roll out soon.

Of course, it’s limited for a reason. iOS developers have no control over how their apps look and behave on CarPlay. Apple provides a small set of APIs for apps to describe their content, then the system provides the interface. This is meant to remove distractions so drivers keep their eyes on the road.

One thought on “WhatsApp on CarPlay: The First Third Party Messaging App

  • Still waiting for 3rd party navigation apps to make it onto CarPlay – the offline maps and better features mean that I still use a 3rd party nav app even though I have CarPlay in my car.

    It would be nice to actually choose which map app I use – Maps is good, but far from perfect.

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