Apple Rolls Out 4 New HomePod Ads

HomePod on Television

Apple released four ads promoting HomePod over the weekend following its pre-order launch. They all focus on music, which is no surprise since the company has been downplaying Siri voice control ever since HomePod’s big reveal at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2017.

The ads don’t mention features or Siri, show the device, say when it’s available, or show how much it costs. In fact, you can’t tell from the ads if Apple is talking about a device, a service, or a new show on Apple Music.

HomePod is Apple’s streaming music speaker with Siri voice control support. It has seven tweeters and a woofer in its 6.8-inch tall body, along with six microphones for self adjusting audio quality based on where it sits in a room.

HomePod is available in white or space gray for US$349 and will be in stores on February 9th. You can pre-order one now and still get delivery on the 9th.

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