WhatsApp Updated to Lock with Face ID and Touch ID

WhatsApp open padlock

iOS users can now unlock WhatsApp using Face ID and Touch ID. The biometric capabilities were added in the latest update to the Facebook owned messaging service.

WhatsApp open padlock
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Hidden Messages

WhatsApp released version 2.19.20 over the weekend. Users can now set Face ID or Touch ID to unlock app. The setting locks the app as a whole, instantly hiding conversations, not individual ones (via CNet). The app’s notifications are still visible even when the app is locked. Quick replies can be sent on iOS without authentication. The setting is switched on via “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy” and enable Screen Lock.

In January, it was reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had pushed for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram to be integrated. The move could happen towards the end of 2019, or early 2020.

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