WhatsApp Is Working on a Feature To Pin Channels for iPhone

WhatsApp Pin Channel Feature

WhatsApp is working on a new pin channels feature for iOS, which might be available in a future update. Folks at WABetaInfo spotted this feature in WhatsApp beta version for iOS. 

WhatsApp is testing a new feature to let users pin their preferred channels at the top of the list and might make it available in an upcoming software update. This feature will help to improve the user experience by enabling users to rank key channels higher on the list and more easily access them. 

WhatsApp has been working on the same channel pinning feature for the Android app, and now plans to bring it to iOS as well, even if it is still in development for the Android client. 

Users will be able to pin a maximum of three channels at first, but this number may grow to five in the future to highlight more crucial channels. It’s important to remember that, as this feature is still under development, the ability to pin more than three channels at the top of the section is presently purely hypothetical and could change at any time.

A channel pinned to the top of the list stays visible and accessible, making it easy for users to quickly navigate to their favorite channels without having to scroll through the whole list. By pinning their preferred channels, users can prioritize and emphasize the channels that are most important or frequently accessible. 

This feature will help users prioritize or better organize their channels based on relevancy, making sure that the most important channels are always at the top of the list, depending on their preferences.

Anyway, the ability to pin channels is still in the works, and there is no word about its release, but WhatsApp could make it available with a future update.


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