Yale Announces Matter-Compatible Smart Locks

yale assure 2 smart lock with matter support

Smart home enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the release of the Matter standard sometime during fall 2022. Yale, a long-time supplier of HomeKit-compatible smart locks, is ready for the release with a new line of Matter-compatible models. These will remain HomeKit-compatible, but also offer the mesh networking support key to improving your smart home setup.

Yale Refreshes Assure Lock Range to Support Matter

The locks are updated versions of its existing Assure Lock product family. These smart locks offer a combination of ways to unlock your door, including your voice, iPhone, Apple Watch or keypad code. Two of the available models will also include a physical key slot, something absent on the other two variants.

Thanks to the new Matter support, these smart locks can talk to other Matter devices directly. This means if your home’s Wi-Fi coverage is weak near the door, which it often can be, that won’t affect the lock. The smart home accessory can just utilize the mesh network created by your other Matter devices to communicate.

In the Apple ecosystem, your Apple TV 4K and HomePod mini devices can all act as Thread border routers in a Matter configuration. This means Matter support is already baked into your HomeKit setup if you’re using one of these as a hub.

Locks Redesigned to be Sleek, Subtle, Compact

Yale has redesigned the Assure Lock 2 lineup to be more sleek, subtle and compact. All of the new models are up to 30% smaller than the previous generation. Even so, they perfectly fit and complement a standard door.

The locks are available with Bluetooth-only communication, or with the added benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity. Yale says its locks are firmware-upgradable, meaning customers can later upgrade their Bluetooth-only smart locks to include Wi-Fi for a nominal fee.

Later in 2022, after Matter is officially released, Yale will also offer a standalone Matter Smart Module for its Assure locks, priced at $79.99. Customers will the original Yale Assure locks can just purchase the Matter Smart Module to add the upgraded connectivity, rather than buying an entirely new device.

These smart locks range from $159.99 to $259.99 and are available in black suede, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel finishes.

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