Play Risk and Oregon Trailer on MacPlus System 7 Emulator

We’ve mentioned many Mac emulators, but The Next Web found another called PCE Macplus emulator running Mac OS System 7. There’s a couple of version on James Friends’s website, but this one will let you play Dark Castle and The Oregon Trail in all their Mac Plus grayscale glory. There’s also MacDraw, MacPaint, Microsoft Works 3.0, Pagemaker 2.0 (😍), and utilities like ResEdit 2.1.3. All of this runs right in your browser through Javascript, so check it out.

Video Claims to Show Apple's iPhone Lightning Audio Adapter

A video out of Vietnam claims to show Apple’s own Lighting to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter in action—the adapter that’s expected to ship with the iPhone 7 this fall. The new iPhone will reportedly ditch the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of audio over Lighting and audio over Bluetooth. Reports claim Apple will include a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter with the new iPhone model. It’s hard to say if this video shows a legit Apple adapter, or something from a third party manufacturer. Regardless, the look seems very Apple, so maybe we really are getting a glimpse of what’ll be in the box when the iPhone 7 hits store shelves.

Apple’s Attitude Towards the TV Industry Is Well-Founded

It’s a battle between two corporate giants. In one corner we have Apple. In the other corner is the networks. Neither side needs the other. Each side would like to gain, by agreement, from the other’s strengths. Neither side wants to give in much, thinking they know a lot about their own industry. How will it end? Which side is better prepared for the future?

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Trailer (from Comic-Con)

Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is coming to BBC America! The first trailer for the series was released this week at Comic-Con, and it looks amazing.  It stars Samuel Barnett in the title role, with Elijah Wood as his assistant Todd. I enjoyed the Dirk Gently novels, and I’m looking forward to this eight-episode series. Enjoy the new trailer!