Apple Wants you to Know Swift, Smarthome Fatigue – TMO Daily Observations 2017-05-24

Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet to discuss Apple’s Swift education strategy, plus they talk about smart home fatigue.

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One thought on “Apple Wants you to Know Swift, Smarthome Fatigue – TMO Daily Observations 2017-05-24

  • I’m getting so tired of the HomeKit bashing when I believe 99% of it comes from an old school tech bias background. To be clear, it seems most of the disappointment with HomeKit is based on limitations of integrating non-homekit devices with home kit and you have to understand that still the vast majority of people don’t yet have a big investment in existing hardware. Coming from someone who waited for HomeKit to become real before entering the home automation world, HOMEKIT ROCKS!!!!

    Both Bluetooth devices and wifi devices work great and until we get a siri speaker, my AppleWatch is the best speaker in my house.

    One thing people never talk about is that HomeKit is not just HubLess, it is ServerLess. None of my devices rely on or share any data with a third party server. Everything is locally controlled, even when I’m remote, I’m making a secure VPN connection to my AppleTV to talk to my devices Securely.

    Echo, google home, and App based devices all require a server, often for ether in-house or remote access. Please re-evaluate pure secure home kit. For those who are looking for getting started with HomeKit, instead of recommending Wemo, have them try a Koogeek to get their feet wet. Amazon sells them for $29.

    My home: 4 Koogeek switches, 1 Omna Camera, 1 Schlage SmartSense Lock, 2 Hunter Celling fans, and 1 Leviton Dimmer switch. I’ll be testing out the Koogeek light switch and Elgato Eve LightSwitch shortly. 0 hubs! 0 bridges (ok so, sort of the AppleTV but I never really set that up) and no third party servers or even Apps necessary for my family. How can that not be easier that what you are recommending to your users?

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