2 thoughts on “Apple TV as Cable Box – TMO Daily Observations 2019-01-04

  • Great show – I feel Kelly’s pain with limited choices for programming. I use WOW for high speed internet along with Netflix and Hulu apps on my Apple TV 4K cutting my cable cost by 2/3. I do not miss the largesse of the cable program offerings. I have also purchased an antenna where the OTA picture quality is superior to anything I get via internet. As usual Kelly posed great questions and Dave & John showed off their expertise. Hard to do a good show EVERY day – but Kelly usually nails it.

  • I tried DirectTVNow for a few months, and it does suck.

    I subscribed to DirectTVNow, because they were going to have DVR capability very soon. The first thing they did was increase the monthly cost $5 (from $35 to $40).

    I was able to record TV programs to their DVR, but unable to fast-forward (like I was able to do on a cable box).

    Let’s recap: I bought their service – They raised the price. I obtained DVR capability, but can’t fast-forward through the commercials (such as I could with their cable box).

    I downloaded the Spectrum app for AppleTV. I tried to sign-up for an account. They said I couldn’t sign-up for the service via the AppleTV because I don’t have Spectrum Internet, and they don’t service my area with Spectrum Internet.

    I told them I have Internet Access, they told me that I couldn’t sign-up for Spectrum TV via AppleTV because I don’t have SPECTRUM INTERNET (although using my existing internet access, I can go to just about any internet site in the USA).

    Another failure to break out of the old paradigm.

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