Apple TV’s New Marketing Boss – TMO Daily Observations 2017-02-08

Apple may have some new plans for Apple TV now that they hired away Amazon’s Fire TV boss. Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet to talk about Timothy Twerdahl’s now job as Apple TV’s vice president for product marketing, plus they look at what could be in store for the next Apple TV refresh.

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One thought on “Apple TV’s New Marketing Boss – TMO Daily Observations 2017-02-08

  • I can’t believe how unfair Kelly is being toward HomeKit. I mean sure it had a rocky start but it is amazing now. Let me qualify. HomeKit works best as just homekit. No bridge! Just bluetooth and wifi. No third party signup or external servers, who wants to share your data or rely on third party servers.
    I challenge you to get a Koogeek plug passthrough. There is no easier setup. DownLoad the app, plug it in, scan the code and presto! Mr Kelly will never need the app if he doesn’t want it. Just log into your AppleTV so it acts as your passthrough and invite him to your home.
    Once you see how clean it is using the home app you will go looking for more direct wifi and bluetooth home kit devices. I added a deadbolt, and two hunter fan’s and two more koogeek plugs. I’m waiting for one of the announced bridgeless in wall light switches to start shipping and I’ll start replacing every switch in the house.
    I use my AppleWatch and Siri to control things most of the time.

    As for the new hire, don’t expect too much. It is not that Apple doesn’t know how to make an AppleTV 5 with 4K, HDR support that crushes the competition. It is that Apple will not ship a product that is not yet supported. They are obviously still trying to negotiate 4K streaming deals for iTunes. Think about it! You still can’t purchase a 4k HDR version of any movies on Amazon Instant.

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